V&A LAW draws first blood

More blood, more life. 

This was rallying cry behind V&A LAW's blood donation campaign, which kicked off on 17 June 2011 as the first in a series of quarterly bloodletting drives. 
Organized by the Firm's Personnel Department in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), the program was launched with the active participation of the Firm's lawyers and non-legal personnel with the objective of keeping the Firm's employees on PRC's priority list when the need to procure quality and safe blood arises. It is also in line with V&A LAW's goal for lawyers and non-legal personnel to have immediate access to blood in times of emergency. 
PRC set up a makeshift facility at V&A LAW's 10th Floor Seminar Room for the exclusive bloodletting activity. 
As a prerequisite to the bloodletting, PRC gave V&A LAW's employees a pep talk underscoring the importance of voluntary blood donation and discussing donor screening procedures, as well as truths, myths and realizations surrounding bloodletting as a therapeutic measure. 
According to Von Ryan Ong, R.N. of the PRC Rizal Chapter, the activity supported the Blood Program of the Philippines pursuant to Republic Act No. 7719 or the National Blood Services Act of 1994. Mr. Ong added that, under R.A. 7719, PRC is only one of two key organizations tasked to provide safe blood through its active role in advocacy, promotion of voluntary blood donation, donor retention and care. 
Of the 50 initial V&A LAW employees who volunteered to donate blood, 24 qualified as actual blood donors, making this year's first V&A LAW bloodletting drive a success.