V&A Law contributes to International Women's Day 2023 with piece on Philippine labor laws affecting women

In celebration of international Women’s Day 2023, Villaraza and Angangco (“V&A Law”)’s Rashel Ann Pomoy and Roy Santos Necesario write an article for the International Law Office entitled “Philippine Labour Laws and Policies Affecting Status of Women in Workplaces.”


Published in Lexology on 8 March 2023, the piece provides an overview on the present legislations in the Philippines that address issues confronting women in the workplace and allow them to fully participate in the labor market. According to the article, the institutional framework in the Philippines is “continuing to evolve and address the concerns of women.” It notes that “the Philippines' present policies have set the tone for continued gender-focused legislative development.”


The full article can be accessed here: https://www.lexology.com/commentary/employment-immigration/72f221df-ce5a-4966-a613-e8a0c5f6666e?preview=40b042d2-a340-4500-80e9-541dc0ed1d48