DOLE Advisory No. 09-2020 - Flexible Work Arrangements

On 4 March 2020, the Department of Labor and Employment (“DOLE”) issued Labor Advisory No. 09, Series 2020, which provides the Guidelines on the Implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements as Remedial Measure Due to the Ongoing Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (“Guidelines”) in order to assist and guide employers and employees in the implementation of the various work arrangements as alternative coping mechanism and remedial measures.
Under the Guidelines, the following flexible work arrangements or schedules may be considered, among others: 
1. Reduction of Workhours and/or Workdays refers to one where the normal workhours or workdays per week are reduced.
2. Rotation of Workers refers to one where the employees are rotated or alternately provided work within the week.
3. Forced Leave refers to one where the employees are required to go on leave for several days or weeks utilizing their leave credits, if there any.
Notwithstanding the foregoing flexible work arrangements or schedules, the Guidelines encourage the employers and the employees to explore other alternative work arrangements in order to cushion and mitigate the effect of the loss of income of the employees.
In view thereof, employers are required to notify the DOLE through the Regional/Provincial/Field Office of the adoption of any flexible work arrangements. Further, establishments implementing flexible work arrangements shall post a copy of the Guidelines in a conspicuous location in the workplace. 
Finally, the Guidelines provide that the employers and the employees under flexible work arrangements shall be responsible for its administration. In connection with that, employers are required to keep and maintain records of the documentary requirements to prove that the flexible work arrangement was adopted.

View and Download Guidelines Here.