Extension for Filing the 2019 Annual Income Tax Returns and Payment of Annual Income Taxes

The Bureau of Internal Revenue released yesterday Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 29-2020 ("RMC") extending the deadline for the filing of various returns and payment of taxes.
Among the most notable extensions for filing and payment are the following:
1. Filing and Payment of Quarterly income Tax Return for Corporations, Partnerships and other non-Individual Taxpayers (for fiscal quarter ending 31 January 2020) – extended to 30 April 2020
2. Filing of Annual Information Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation and Final Withholding Taxes - extended to 30 April 2020
3. Submission of Certificate of Compensation Payment - extended to 30 April 2020
4. Filing and Payment of Documentary Stamp Tax (for the month of March 2020) – extended to 05 May 2020
5. Filing and Payment of Quarterly Value-Added Tax Declaration (cumulative for 3 months; for fiscal quarter ending 29 February 2020) – extended to 27 April 2020
6. Filing and Payment of Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration for Non-eFPS Filers (for February 2020) – extended to 20 April 2020
7. For all ONETT, if the date for payment falls due within the period of enhanced community quarantine, the period to file its return and pay the corresponding tax/es is extended for 30 calendar days from due date.
View and Download the RMC Here.