Connecting Links: COVID-19 and Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Supply Chains

The Philippines faced a shortage of medical goods and supplies necessary to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic especially at the start of its outbreak.  Export declines, due to restrictions imposed by other countries or incidental to other causes such as logistics problems due to occurrence of the pandemic, decreased production, or local utilization of goods essential in in the export of pharmaceutical and medical products, has affected the importation and local manufacture of pharmaceutical and medical products in the Philippines. In addition to the shortages in the supply of pharmaceutical and medical products, the costs of pharmaceutical and medical goods in the Philippines are often still beyond reach of the ordinary consumer, contributing to the reality that many ordinary consumers are not able to afford the healthcare they need especially during this pandemic.

In this article, the Firm’s Sophie Cruz-Abrenica , Renson Louise Yu and Camille Mendoza explore various  solutions in order to avoid future supply shortages of medicines and related goods in the country.
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