The Employment Law Review: Philippines

We are pleased to announce that Villaraza & Angangco has been chosen as the sole contributor for the Philippine Chapter of the recently released 12th Edition of The Employment Law Review.
Written by V&A Law Partners Alejandro Alfonso E. Navarro and Rashel Ann C. Pomoy, the Philippine Chapter delves into the Philippine labor law framework and the recent labor law jurisprudence, rules, and regulations. Further, the authors discuss key employment & labor law concepts including the basics of entering into an employment relationship, restrictive covenants, wages, global policies, parental leaves, employee representation, data protection, termination of employment, and transfer of business, as well as the perceived changes to Philippine Labor Law.
The international employment law review aims to serve as a tool to help legal practitioners and human resource professionals identify issues that present challenges to clients and companies from various jurisdictions around the globe.
Read the Philippine Chapter here: 
View the PDF File: Philippines.pdf