Exciting Launch: Revamped Website Content for V&A's Labor and Employment Practice

Villaraza and Angangco’s Labor and Employment Practice Group is thrilled to announce the launch of its revamped website content. Committed to providing top-notch legal services, its list of practice areas is now updated. View the updated content here:  https://www.thefirmva.com/ourpractice.do?category_id=17532


Get to know the accomplished lawyers behind the team, as well as their backgrounds, areas of expertise and accomplishments:


Alejandro Alfonso Navarro - https://www.thefirmva.com/partners.do?item_id=1024263445

Rashel Ann Pomoy - https://www.thefirmva.com/partners.do?item_id=102413941

Caleb Lauredo - https://www.thefirmva.com/partners.do?item_id=1024265084

Roy Santos Necesario - https://www.thefirmva.com/partners.do?item_id=1024265094

Joselle Francisco - https://www.thefirmva.com/partners.do?item_id=1024265104

Patricia Anne Bayona - https://www.thefirmva.com/partners.do?item_id=1024265231