Website Privacy Policy


This website is owned and managed by Villaraza and Angangco Law (“The Firm”) as a digital platform for providing information on The Firm and its practice to current and prospective clients, members of the legal profession and the general public. The Firm is committed to ensuring that its processing of personal data is in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”), its Implementing Rules and Regulations (“DPA IRR”), issuances of the National Privacy Commission (“NPC”) and other applicable laws and regulations on data privacy.  This Privacy Policy is in line with The Firm’s commitment to the protection of privacy rights.


In this Website Privacy Policy, The Firm outlines the terms under which it processes the personal data of this website’s users who provide said personal data and how such personal data is stored, used, retained, shared and accessed. The Firm likewise informs the website’s users of their rights and how The Firm strives to protect them.


By accessing this website and submitting personal data through this website, a user expressly consents to the collection, use, disclosure and all other forms of processing of his/her personal data as provided in this Website Privacy Policy.


  1. Users’ personal data collected and otherwise processed by The Firm


The only personal data collected by The Firm through this website is that which a user provides in order to contact The Firm. Such information is as follows:


  1. Name
  2. Location/Address
  3. Contact Number
  4. E-mail address



  1. Purpose of collection and other processing of users’ personal data by The Firm


The Firm collects and otherwise processes the abovementioned personal data for the following purposes:


  1. To provide information on The Firm’s services and practice;
  2. To respond to users’ inquiries;
  3. To provide information about events organized by The Firm or in which it has participated or shall participate;
  4. To provide information on developments in the legal community;
  5. To monitor the use of this website and its contents;
  6. To comply with the orders or regulations of enforcement agencies, judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, or other competent government authority;
  7. To fulfill the legitimate objectives of The Firm as a partnership in the legal profession;
  8. To protect users;
  9. To establish, exercise or defend legal claims;
  10. To prevent fraud and illegal activities;
  11. To fulfill any purpose directly related to the above purposes


By providing your personal data, you are agreeing to The Firm’s collection and other processing of the same for any and all of the purposes above.


  1. Use of users’ personal data by The Firm


Apart from collecting users’ personal data, The Firm shall engage in all other forms of processing, such as, among others, recording, organization, storage, updating, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, consolidation, blocking, erasure or destruction of personal data.


The Firm’s processing may be performed manually or through automated means.


  1.  The Firm’s sharing of users’ personal data


The Firm may share users’ personal data to third parties for the fulfillment of any of the purposes enumerated above. Such third parties include but are not limited to the following:


  1. Service providers who provide technical, operational and logistical support to all functions necessary, desirable to or in any manner related to the business of The Firm;
  2. Courts, quasi-judicial agencies and tribunals, as a response to an order, subpoena or other legal processes;
  3. Law enforcement personnel, government agencies and other state entities in the exercise of their investigative or regulatory powers;
  4. Entities engaged by The Firm to assist in establishing, exercising or defending legal claims or protecting The Firm’s rights and assets


The Firm may engage a third party to process users’ personal data. Such engagement will be covered by an outsourcing agreement, mandating said third party to put in place the organizational, physical and technical measures mandated by the DPA in the processing of data and to process users’ personal data strictly in accordance with the applicable privacy laws.


We guarantee that we will not sell users’ personal data or in any way profit from the same without the express consent of the users concerned.


  1. The Firm’s storage and retention of users’ personal data


Users’ personal data acquired through this website shall be stored in secure online storage platforms, protected cloud infrastructure and/or on-site drives of The Firm. Physical copies of said personal data shall be stored in The Firm’s offices in secure and monitored rooms accessible only to duly authorized personnel.


The Firm will retain users’ personal data for as long as the purposes for which they are being processed are not accomplished.


  1. Users’ access to their personal data


Users who provided their personal data through this website may e-mail The Firm at to request copies of said personal data or to update or change the same. The Firm shall, however, require proof of a user’s identity before granting access to said information. The Firm reserves the right to take reasonable measures to further confirm a user’s identity before granting access.


  1. The Firm’s protection of users’ personal data


The Firm implements the organizational, physical and technical measures provided in the DPA and the DPA IRR for the protection of personal data. The Firm constantly evaluates and improves upon its data security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of the personal data it processes. The Firm employs a dedicated information technology team to protect personal data acquired through this website.


  1. Rights of users as data subjects


Users who provide their personal data through this website are considered data subjects under the DPA and the DPA IRR. As data subjects, these users have the right to access the personal data they provided The Firm, make corrections or modify such personal data, withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data, demand that said personal data be erased and be informed of the extent of the processing of their personal data. If The Firm is unable or unwilling to acknowledge these rights or give them due course, users may file a complaint before the National Privacy Commission.


For complaints, queries or concerns regarding the processing of any personal data you provided The Firm through this website, please do not hesitate to contact:



Data Protection Officer of Villaraza and Angangco Law

+63 908 865 4562


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Please refer to this page to be informed of any changes to this Website Privacy Policy. This Website Privacy Policy was last updated on 01 April 2024.