V&A Law?s Ma. Samira C. Tacandong and Mandy Therese Anderson discuss Estate Planning for Pru Life UK?s ?Sales Booster Series?

V&A Law Associate, Ma. Samira C. Tacandong, was one of the speakers for a talk entitled, “Life Insurance Agreement and Estate Planning,” which was held last May 23 via Zoom. The talk had over 700 attendees and it was organized by leading insurance company, Pru Life UK, as part of their Sales Booster Series. Samira delivered an insightful presentation that covered the key aspects of estate planning, including the common estate planning tools. She also highlighted the importance of estate planning by delving into the numerous advantages that it can bring to individuals such as, alleviating the burden of estate tax and giving them the ability to choose the asset administrator and guardian for their children or heirs. During the Q&A segment of the session, Samira was joined by V&A Law Partner, Mandy Therese Anderson, whose expertise in tax matters provided additional depth to the discussion. This collaboration underscores the Firm’s commitment to providing top-tier legal advice and guidance.