Importers and Customs Brokers Are No Longer Required to Obtain BIR Clearance

The Department of Finance, through Department Order No. 011-2018, removed the Bureau of Internal Revenue Import Clearance Certificate and Brokers Clearance Certificate (BIR-ICC/BCC) requirement for importer and customs broker accreditation.
The authority to accredit and register importers and customs brokers is reverted solely to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to simplify the accreditation process. The BIR is no longer accepting applications for the BIR-ICC/BCC and the BOC has already published the new requirements for accreditation of importers and customs brokers on its official website.
During the existence of the BIR-ICC requirement, numerous groups have lobbied for its removal due to the numerous documents it requires and the delay it causes in the accreditation of importers and brokers. This initiative is in line with one of the “10-Point Socioeconomic Agenda” of President Rodrigo Duterte which includes enhancing competitiveness and promoting ease of doing business.
The full text of D.O. No. 011-2018 is available here and the new requirements for importer and broker accreditation are available here.